Friday, 19 May 2017

How can Smoking Damage your Teeth?

It is generally known that smoking is hazardous to the body and lungs specifically. With every puff of the cigarette, people inhale an unbelievable amount of toxins and cancer-causing substances. However, the effect of smoking on the teeth or dental health is often not given consideration. This means you will not be able to preserve the teeth whitening and your teeth may turn pale in addition to producing bad mouth odor. Similarly, the ability of the body to respond to the heart diseases, lungs and gums can be quite weak. The gum disease is also called as periodontal when it reaches an extreme stage. It can make the gum bone liable to the infections.

In some cases, the antioxidants in the body are reduced which directly facilitates the high number of toxins and free radicals in the system. One of the main targets of the free radicals is that it can harm the aging cells and the negative effects of the smoking on your oral health will become prominent. Therefore, if you notice bleeding in the gums, you should consult the dentist. The main aim is to get them treated before it gets complicated.  The main cause of the bleeding gums relates to the blood supply of the gums. The smoking can alter the mouth environment by decreasing the levels of oxygen to an extent where bacteria multiply in large numbers and the overall number can get more than the helpful bacteria in the mouth.

If you do not know how to identify the gum diseases or read the symptoms, you can look for puffiness or redness of your gum area; it is the sign of bacterial activity. If you are a regular smoker, your gums can turn into purple or pale tones due to the inflammation of the gums and if it continues, the overall health of the gums can get worse. As a consequence of the unhealthy gums, the bacteria will feed on the teeth and harmful substances accumulated on your teeth thereby causing the dental problems as well.

Nicotine is another important element of smokes, which is essentially a vasoconstrictor. It means that the blood flow to the bones beneath the gums is not given adequate blood. If you do not know the consequence of the low blood supply to the parts of your oral track, it is recommended that you do research because it can reduce the ability of the body to defend against infections harmful bacteria. Similarly, if you know a chain smoker, you can help them assess the symptoms and treat it accordingly.

Another target of the nicotine is to thicken the consistency of the saliva which may not be able to respond to the acids attacks one may feel after the eating. This is why heavy smokers are at high risk of tooth decay. The chance of mouth cancer is another risk that smokers have the tendency to develop in the later stages of life. If you smoke, dentist recommends that you get regular checkups so that the symptoms of cancer can be curbed.

Though tooth decay can be managed with restorative dentistry, however, the long-term effects of tobacco on the teeth can be hard to remove. Gums recession can make your crown area prone to additional damage in addition to making the discoloration permanent. For instance, if you are not a regular visitor in terms of seeing the dentist, the tooth plague will decay the tooth.

If you focus on maintaining the dental health, it can facilitate you in quitting the smoking, according to some of the studies. The idea is to make the patient aware of the implications on the dental and overall health and if the person manages to change that, the chances of controlling the habit of smoking will be improved to an extent. For instance, if you get used to cleaning the teeth and fresh breath, chances are you may want to continue this and cutting on your smoking habit may become easy for you.

Though it may not be easy for you to take the steps required to quit smoking, however, if you seek to get help in form of a therapist or an expert, it may help you complete the process. For instance, the experts have different kinds of programs to counter the need of a person to smoke. There are some healthy alternatives and motivational steps which will assist you. Similarly, if you involve family members, it could guide you in dedicating yourself and avoiding situations which may make it hard for you.

In the wake of the restrictions on the traditional form of smoking, the concept of e-cigarettes has gained popularity among the youth. Though there are various reasons associated with it, however, one of the main reasons deals with claims of safe options, which are not backed by facts. The advocates are of the view that e-cigarettes can help the person struggling with addiction in form of lowering the risk of cancer, but if one takes into account the view of the doctors and dentist, the negative effects of e-cigarettes have been proven.

Similarly, there are many aspects that have not been explored in from of underlining the repercussions of the alternative offered to the smokers. This implies that it is good to do research on the alternative options first. Some of the people start using the options endorsed by anyone, and it can prove to be dangerous for your dental health. Moreover, if you experience, dryness in your mouth or difference in the gums, the medications can help to solve the problem on the short-term basis.

Research has proven that cigarettes are fraught with most of the harmful substance fort the teeth of people and the continued use of smokes can lead to drastic consequences for the health of your complete body. Therefore, it is best to brush your teeth with the tooth paste specially made for the smokers and get the tarter removed from your teeth. In short, attempts to quit smoking may not be easy, but it is not impossible either.

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